Beginners Pattern "Carnival" Dot Painting Mandala

Anjela from Happy Dotting Company demonstrates how to dot paint a Mandala using Happy Dotting Tools! You'll see how simple it is to get started in dot painting and how rewarding it can be.

How to make Art stones including hints and tips

This video demonstrates the process and products to make an Art Stone using a mold from Happy Dotting Company.

Choosing paint, and other dotting tips

Happy Dotting Company's Anjela talks about how to set up your workspace, choose the best paints for dot painting, and other tips for the best creative experience. Slow down, relax, and watch!

How to use stencils in Dot Painting

This video is about how to get the most out of using stencils for dot painting and mandalas.  Including using the guidelines that stencils provide and tips and tricks.